Hiiiii, it’s Amber Koelling (AK).

I married my MIDDLE school sweetheart, Chase, in 2016. We brought a little boy named Rexton into the word in 2017 who opened me up to a love that I couldn’t have ever imagined. They’re my world and my biggest supports.

I’m a non hip mom who still says YAS. I’m introverted but yet I talk a lot. I have RBF but I’m not one. I’m a Christian but I have a hippy mindset. My husband says my views are the way they are because I care SO much about everyone. If I could be barefaced, braless, and barefoot everyday, I would. 

My goal is always to bring you out of your comfort zone while still keeping you 100% comfortable.

When you’re having something photographed that is this intimate, you want to make sure you’re in good hands. And with me, you are.